It’s natural to…

It’s natural to be fearful of unknown tomorrow. But wasting today because of that fear is the most foolish thing. You are not living in yesterday or tomorrow. It’s only today. That’s the time you have right now. Whenever you feel uneasy, feel how alive you are. If you close your eyes, the wind blowing in; if you put your hand on your chest, your heart beat and if you listen, you’ll hear your friend’s laughter. Because of fear for the future, don’t do a foolish thing like giving up the precious things given to you today. You don’t have a dream? You don’t know what you’ll be? Then just live doing what you can, and what you want like a 13 years old. Do the best in what you can. It’s okay to make mistakes. It’s okay to fail. If you do your best today, you will find yourself and you’ll see tomorrow’s dreams.
-Ma Seonsaengnim-

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