I am Little Girl

I am Little Girl
I realized that i’m little girl everytime i before you
With all of my weakness, not pretend to be tough woman.
Like a fool. Like a kid.
Still, you always smile at me, with your calm eyes.
Watching me and my fool over react.
And still, you stand by me, hold my hand tightly so that i don’t lose control.
Tell me what i should and shouldn’t.
You are the person who happier when i’m happy.
I am happier when you happy.
I can’t stop laughing whenever i’m along with you.
Even only by your holding stare, in silent, without any word, we understand each other.
Yes, i’m little girl.
Just be like this forever, it’s okay.
I don’t think i would be happier, if i grow up and you would leave me then.
I am little girl.
So, just stay here, be my guard.
Right now, i don’t think i need to meet anyone else but you.
You, that’s all. enough.
Though that’s not something you want to.
You said i’ve to meet someone.
Yup, i wish that person’s just like you.
when you ask me to grow up.
I dont think i’m getting older, because of you. ^^

Yeayyy. My last homework this term.

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