Even if i said that i’ll be waiting till you come, it doesn’t mean you could let me worry all day waiting for your coming.
you’re driving me crazy by waiting.
If any motorcycle pass the street, i think that’s voice of your coming. But no. That’s not you.

This time, it was really you.
You came.
When it was sunset.
I startled when his voice was heard in front of my house.
He handed you over to me.
Early before, my heart as if knew that it’s you.
However i couldn’t put any hope that you would come when the dark covers our day.
But it was really you.
Really you.
Erase all of my worries and fidgentiness.
Finally, it’s the end of my waiting.
Thank you for being mine.
Hip hip hurrayyy…

#thanks to mas-mas NCS. ^^

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