Actually i love you, Q n S

Actually i love Q. Quality.
And also i love S. Sincerity.
When they combine well, i don’t have any reason to abandon them.
That’s why right now i love them.

About Q, in fact i have  standard which is not easy to make me notice and even fall in.
It’s okay if i have to pay more expensive to get something with the quality i want.
But quality is nothing for me if it doesn’t touch my heart, at least, touch “my sense”.
And to be touching, i need to feel something called sincerity, S.
Sincerity, because of it I can recognize the Q.

I’m talking about someone and something.
Something from someone.
Like the love of family.
Like the song of singer.
Like the cake of  chef.
Like the care of friend.
Like the laugh of you.

If i meet Q and S, i will love them no matter what.
So, actually i love Q and S.

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