I’m sorry to leave you

Indeed, it’s not as easy as i love you, it’s hard, really, to leave you.

I can’t just show how the pain.

the calendar is like sand-glass, counting down the days, till the day i leave you.

it’s so hard, but a must.

sometimes my act become awkward or make you feel so sad and upset,

due to i think it’s better when i hurt you so that you can leave me easily, no, i mean i can leave you easily.

i think it’s better if our relationship is not as strong as like before, it’s better if your kindness is disappear to me.

but, i realized, all of hurt thing i did, will make big regrets, cause i can’t spent my last time with you well,

i can’t show you up how precious you are. i can’t make the beautiful memory, while i don’t know when my chance stay with me.

I’m sorry to leave you.

-to akhawatifillah, the real fellowship is the fellowship because of Allah, tied by the promise to have a faith. No matter where you are, if we pray to each other, then the angels pray to us too, and Allah loves us.


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